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    i moved to texas from washington thinking i'd be able to see my 2 kids, 5 and 7. i had no court ordered visitation in washington because my ex let me see them whenever i wanted but now she says i can never see them again unless i move back. i know i can get visitation or custody of them but im not sure if i need an attorney in texas, washington, or both. any input would help.

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    No chance of working it out without involving the, I mean lawyers?

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    Cspine if you contact the Washington State Bar Association they have programs to help you find an attorney in the area. In Atlanta they charge $35 for half an hour which is considerably less than they charge otherwise.

    Even though it would be preferable to come to some agreement with your Ex without having to take these measures, it may be better to go ahead and get it all handled legally so that you don't have to leave this to the whims of your children's mother.

    Good luck.


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