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Thread: New hand controls for vehicle

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    New hand controls for vehicle

    I need to get new hand controls for a vehicle. I have used MPD in the past. Installer recommends Suregrip.

    Which is better MPD or Suregrip? What are the advantages of one over the other? I have been told both will be $800 installed.

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    I do not know much about MPDs but I have sure grips and I love them. I can work them easily without arm fatigue for long distance driving. My hand is close enough to the steering wheel so that if I need to grab the wheel I can. Overall I am very pleased with these.
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    Hand controls?

    How does one get hand controls installed into their vehicle? I have been using portable controls for the longest time...
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    I have MPD controls and like them. Eight hundred dollars sounds about right to me.

    KpRollin', go to an authorized installer for controls. They should be in the yellow pages under handicapped vehicles or adapted vehicles.

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    I prefer the suregrip, I think there's less fatigue when driving.

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    I got the Mark IV off e-bay, godd they're great, drive all day, went huntin had cruise control too, it's a blast, drive an older 92 toyota previa. It can be a headache to work on, but it's got 260,000 and going strong.

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    +1 on Suregrips...basically no arm fatigue for throttle and a more natural position for your hand to be in.

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