I need some ideas. . .

My 16-year-old son was injured 8-21-04 in a mva and is a T12. He has a younger brother (15), an older sister (18) at college. It is the second SCI in our family. My uncle was a C5 (1965), he died in 2000 after a kidney transplant, our families are very close and he was "my dad" (mine died in 1978).

After spending a week at the hospital after surgery, we went to Shriner's in Chicago for wc bootcamp (Really, though it's a great place). We were home after 4 weeks and he went right back to school.

He has just started driving again and yesterday I let him drive to school for the first time. He was suppose to go to PT right after school. He didn't and then lied about it to me. Amy the PT had called me, he was busted big time.

I try to keep giving him more responsiblity. After begging me for months, he recently got to spend the night at his friends and took care of all his needs (at least that's what he told me).

So now he's grounded for the weekend. . .now he's really mad and trying to gain my sympathy . I am so tired of falling for it but I feel so bad.

To top it all off, we got in a huge (verbal) fight this morning when he refused to go to school. He's 6-1 and about 170 lbs. I really shouldn't say fight. I do must of the pleading, yelling, screaming, crying. . .he just laid there.

He's really a good kid. He just hates school. I used to be able to use football as a tool to get him to do what he should, grades, to tow-the-line, whatever. Now since he can't play, he just doesn't give a $h#t! He is not motivated!!! He only wants to hang with friends, gf and play xbox. No outside activities.

Anybody have any suggestions?????