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Thread: This is way cool IMO

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    That is cool. I've seen that hc somewhere before.

    Check out the website:

    Doesn't look like the site's been updated for a couple years, unless I'm missing something. But I like the idea of open source design and engineering.

    Found an old post that mentions it:
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    if you look into it, you see where they dropped it because it would not work as wanted .. hose are the INTREPID guys.

    at least that's how i remember it when I chased links for a few hours
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    I like innovation and new thinking....but I don't quite see the benefit of this bike. The website has the quote:

    "for me the morphing handcycle really does mean a return to freedom. It lets me ride 10 miles to work, and then go up in the elevator right to a meeting"

    So, the idea is that he can still use this bike as a daily chair once at work? How to you reach the desk to work on the PC with the hand cranks in the way? How do you negotiate an office from thsi thing? What about the restroom?

    If you want to cycle to work, I would prefer one of those attachments to the underneath of a day chair that you can completely remove once at work.

    I thought the extra height might make transfers on and off the chair easier....but I dont see how you get your leg over that height.

    As I said, I love the innovation, but I can't quite see the benefit. What did I miss?

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