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Thread: Wedding etiquette advice - "no children allowed"

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    Originally posted by zillazangel:

    If you showed up with kids after being explicitly asked not to, I truly think that would be the most rude thing one could ever do!!! *gasp* I can't fathom why one would do that!!! Or even suggest it. Jeepers .... (even though I actually agree that kids should be invited to a wedding, it's still no excuse to be incredibly rude!)
    If it was for a family wedding and they were young kids I would do it but if it was not a family wedding, there is no way I would do that. Geesh have a cow!!

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    Have you all seen the children in question? It may be that the bride doesn't want to be outshone by the guests LOL, they are cuties. Kind of like the brides that choose ugly bridesmaid dresses.

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    It's their wedding, they should do what feels right to them. I would have no problem with it.

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    Yeah bud, it would definatley feel like a slap in the face if she told me she didn't want my children at her wedding. If I had any that is. The thing is, I have also seen and heard the children at weddings, it's like a switch is turned on and the starting pistol is fired. They run wild and cannot sit still or stop crying through the speech. Then at the dance the parents can't keep up to them. Now I know many children are very decent and well behaved because me and my sister were one of them but it seemed like we would have to suffer every now and then due to other bratty kids actions. Try not to take it to heart because it's there day and nobody elses.

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    MK , over here it is a general rule that children are not permitted at the wedding reception . They can attend the ''churching '' . That is so when the preacher asks ''does anyone have any reason why this couple should not marry ? '' , the couple can take a reality check by noting the little darlings yelling , screaming and defacing the church's artifacts with their crayons etc .

    As a divorced father of 3 , i have been asked to a number of weddings where i find myself sitting in a motel room entertaining Artin , Bartin and Fargo [ my kids ] , while my mates are entertaining [or trying to ] the single ladies at the wedding reception . Even though I miss out on showing said ladies the dashing , debonair side of my personality [and think of what they are missing out on ] , I agree with this no kids policy . I have a number of relations and friends with smaller copies of Attila the Hun for kids , and the only public outing I look forward to with glee that involves their kids , is feeding time at the Lion Park [ with the kids as main course ] .

    Isn't it funny how generally the parents of these horrors prattle on about what great kids they have , while the little darlings are systemically demolishing the house , washing the cat with battery acid in the toilet bowl and turning the new white shag pile carpet into a work of art with the purple house paint they have found .

    Of course my kids are models of good behaviour . Sorry got to run , the boys are doing a science experiment they need a hand with , one has my screwdriver set and is sticking them in power sockets while the other turns the switch on and my daughter is doing some cooking . Does anyone know how to get beetroot stains out of the carpet ?

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    Originally posted by Susan M:

    It's their wedding, they should do what feels right to them. I would have no problem with it.
    I agree. I really didn't want kids attending my wedding because I knew they would most likely be loud and disturb the ceremony. I wouldn't take it personally. It's not like she said I don't want YOUR kids there, she just said kids in general.

    It is their day. Chill out. It's not like she said "I hate your kids and I don't ever want to set eyes on them." A lot of folks consider their wedding a very formal affair and don't want it to be interrupted. Nothing at all wrong with that.

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    "No children allowed"? How do they define "children"? Is it anyone 18 or younger? 12 or younger? Where are they drawing the line? And what else are they having? Flowerwoman? Ringbearerman? Come on, they need to lighten up.

    Some of the best memories of weddings I have (I don't remember any of the receptions!) are of the funny things that the younger children do and how much it adds to the enjoyment of the event. How many great memories do you have of silly flowergirls and baseful ringbearers? I've got lots.

    And besides if a kid starts crying or misbehaving, it's the responsiblity of the parent to remove the child. Easily done and the "good" kids don't have to be kept away.


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    Sadly there are a lot of parents out there who wouldn't take their kid out. I have been at weddings where that happened, and I was very frustrated for the couple.

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    I agree with LindsayS. They aren't picking on your kids directly; just saying they don't want kids in general there. While my first reaction to those types of invitations was "Well! Screw you!", once I calmed down, I understood their point of view. (My kids are older now, so it's not the same situation) Besides, you might find that you will enjoy yourself more if you aren't constantly wondering "where is Johnny and what is he getting into".

    Get a different sitter other than your mother-in-law and enjoy the day and evening - maybe you guys NEED a bit of time off from parenting.

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    When my brother Mike married Ezabella everything had to be perfect outdoor orchestra in a cazebo,limo - you get the picture the works.My son Matthew six at the time was real intrested in the "kiss" at the wedding. Wesat on the front row and he was being a good boy until the videographer asked us to move so he could get a better view. We went back a few rows and Ezabella's grandmother who had a healthy appetite sat right in front of Matthew. He got sooo mad and yelled "I REALLY CAN'T SEE NOW!!!" I was so embarassed but Ezabella's mother saved me and waved him to the front and saved the wedding.They are still married and have two boys now.

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