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Thread: SCI Malpractice atty

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    SCI Malpractice atty

    Anyone know a good one experienced in SCI cases?

    I'm looking for one close to VA that has been successful. My daughters' surgeon really screwed up and while we have a family lawyer (whom is a close family friend and has done great work for us in the past), I'm just not comfortable with someone that knows less than I do about SCI.

    SCINurse KD, I really need your help. I'm looking for someone who has all the contacts they need and who is perhaps not trailblazing, but has been down this road before.


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    Your attorney should be able to refer you to a colleage who specializes in medical malpractice and who has experience in this area. Often doing a search (through the legal databases your attorney should have access to) for recent trials in your area can show who does these cases the most. Some attorneys do only plantiff, while others do only defense...most do not do both.

    You could also try this attorney's office for a referral. He does not do medical malpractice but works in a related field in that part of the country, and he or his office should have some referrals they could provide to you.

    Joseph Romano, Esq.

    I have been swamped. Will try to call you soon. Generally though, expert attorneys in this field will already have a "stable" of expert witnesses that they work with on a regular basis.


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