I think it's not so much an issue of dealing with heartless people as it is an issue of dealing with people who don't use the "brain God gave 'em" (as my grandpa used to say).

It would be so much easier for us as thinking people to deal with the non-thinkers if we were just like them, but would you really want to sacrifice yourself for the sake of peace? No, I'm sure you wouldn't, I know I wouldn't. So, how to deal? WM has a point about avoiding these people and I agree up to the point of where it keeps me from being where I want to be and sometimes there is just no way to avoid them as my place is with my hubbie. In these instances I've found that just telling people the blatant truth can be effective in waking them up just a bit. That's not to take anything away from WFE, kudos to her, and I'm not ruling out one day giving someone exactly what they're asking for, i.e. a good fat lip.

Here's an example:

Sometimes I drive to work with Matt and use his truck to run errands and pick him up at the end of the day. There are several rude b*tches at his job who've no clue how stupid they really are and I have no problem telling them. One in particular drove out of the parking area and as she passed said to me "why don't you make him walk?" and I just looked her in the eye and said "it sure would be nice if he could." I could tell by her reaction that it was as if I'd slapped her, she literally shook her head and I just smiled to myself. Later she told Matt it had shocked her because she "wasn't even aware of what she was saying."

This particular person is still a b*tch and will never "get it" IMO, however, for that moment she got slapped and woke up just a bit. Sometimes it's hard to let the truth just roll off your toungue because so many of us have been taught "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" and for the most part I'd agree with that. In these situations though, remember that what they are saying isn't nice and go ahead and let it out. Believe me, you'll feel so much better and maybe, just maybe, throw a little cold water in their face .

I hope you feel just a little better, believe me, if you'd have seen the look on her face, you'd be laughing right now - I am