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Thread: 10th Anniversary of my SCI

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    10th Anniversary of my SCI

    Today marks the 10th year of my SCI. Can't believe its 10 years already! Time really flies and I hear its only going to zip by even faster as we get older.

    10 years ago today, 4 lives were changed because some jackass' decided to have some fun on the street and pull off random drive by shootings to hurt people. The result is that 2 people are paralyzed and 2 others are traumatized because of it, and the worst is that the shooters were never caught. Days before our incident, similar drive by shootings took place near by and was believed by the police to be the same shooters as with our shooting, but unfortunetely someone did die from the previous shooting. I guess I should be happy that my friends and I are still alive. Even though the shooters were not caught, I truly believe that karma will catch up with them one day.

    I guess life goes on. All I have to worry about now is to just continue to live and count the years that will eventually go by and make the best out of each one, and the most important of all, to live happily. I know better days will come for all of us and I will look forward to that.

    Today has been more emotional for me, so just wanted to write something. So that is it for now.

    May 2000, T4-5 Complete.


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    I too am happy you and your friends are still alive. I do believe in Karma.
    Anniversary days are hard. We only have had one.

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    wow. i'm glad no one was killed! i always think of anniversaries of this nature as a celebration of life.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Hang in there. You have a good attitude in a crappy situation.

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    Congrats on the 10 yrs Randy. You have the right attitude "one day at a time!"
    Wishing you many more.

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    I was at my peak mentally and physically after my 1st 10.

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