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Thread: Need help with Vendor procedures when ordering a new wheelchair

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    Need help with Vendor procedures when ordering a new wheelchair

    Is it customary for Vendors to bill your insurance and be paid money for a new wheel chair before they have actually purchased it or finalized the order with the manufacturer?

    I am ordering a new Ti-Lite chair (have been in the process for going on 7 months now) and noticed on my insurance EOB that there is already an "amount paid to provider" of a little over $2,800. Following are a bunch of charges (for upgrades like flex-rims and such) that have been denied which the vendor says I will have to pay out of pocket. I am assuming this means that money has been sent from my insurance to the provider. Ti-Lite drew up the CAD drawings for my chair but I have not approved them and in fact still had questions about some of the measurements. While I have been in a chair for 20 years, this is the first time in 10 years that I have needed to order a new chair (yes, I've had an incredible Ti-Lite). Is this customary? I have private Blue Cross insurance through my employer. I didn't think the pre-authorization process meant that money would actually be exchanged. If the charges submitted to my insurance are inflated (the whole thing could be purchased elsewhere for less), then am I stuck with this vendor because they already got money from my insurance company (even though NOTHING has been purchased)?

    Thanks to anyone who is willing to weigh in!
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