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Thread: invacare storm torque sp ????

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    invacare storm torque sp ????

    i've been looking into purchasing a powered chair, since medicare doesnt cover it. im a c5 incompete n' i only need the tilt function. ive been working w/ the same who helped me n' my therapist spec' out my manual ride. i need a bit of lumber n' lateral support. i was looking into the quickie 646se but was told that the storm torque sp is better chair as far as quality. juss wonder the real traits n' qualities of this chair.

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    Good chair,but in my opinion stay with the 4 brush ole style motor not as fast as the gearless/brushlesss but more dependable, I had alot off breakdowns {brake/clutch ass,}although do have a 5 yr warranty now,I just can't deal with being without my chair !

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    kewness, im guessing the 4 pole performane package will be sweet. this is gonna be my first powered chair and im excited for all the adventures and it's dilemmas. ty.

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    Mine is over 10 years old, and I'm ordering a new one of the same because they are so reliable. Great chair! Staying with the brushes, too (never needed to replace mine).

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    I've had an Invicare storm brushless for 5 years and it's been very reliable, it's never broken down on me and I just took it on a trip to Vegas. The brushless motor is nice b/c you don't hear the annoying whine of the gears.

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