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Thread: To the SCI-Nurses: Happy Nurses Week!

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    Thumbs up To the SCI-Nurses: Happy Nurses Week!

    Thank you for everything you do for us here at CC. Your job may seem thankless at times, but you truly are the “glue” that holds health care systems around the world, and many of our lives, together.

    So KLD, CWO, CKF, and AAD, here's to you! Thank you for volunteering your time to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with us, for caring, and for arming us with the information we need to be better advocates for ourselves and caretakers for our sometimes frustrating, mysterious, and downright uncooperative bodies.

    You guys are the best, and CC wouldn't be the same, or as valuable a resource, without you all.

    Happy Nurses Week!

    --A grateful THC

    ETA: Ditto to all the other current and former nurses at CC (duramater, I'm thinking of you in particular). You change lives for the better, every single day.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    I'll second that!

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    Make that times three! Thank you so much!

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    Hope y'all get a chance to relax a little during your week. Thanks for everything.
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    Happy Nurses week! Thank you for all u have done, do, and continue to do. Your wealth of knowledge is a life saver to many. We are all grateful for the time that you put into CareCure.

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    Happy Nurses Week and thanks for all you have done for me and others on CC
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Thanks for all your help.

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    Yes thank you so much for all the time you give here

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    Yes, thank you very much!

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    Hear, hear!
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