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Thread: Does your mom or anyone else call you daily to make sure you didn't fall out of your chair...

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    Is that why so many parents pretend it never happened and they never help out with anything. My parents never showed that they care and never took any special care of me and after 35 years they still behave the same way. And that was from the first day.

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    Marm .... this ones for you {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}
    Theo ... perhaps it will all become clear to you someday when you're a Mom ... try to be patient ... we do better when we know better ... and sometimes we're just Moms (and Dads) forever ..


    P.S. WFE maybe for your folks - the pain of your losses was simply too overwhelming ... they just couldn't cope and now - its just "the way it is" ... looking back do you think it made you stronger in some way .. do you think ... in a sick sort of way .. they thought maybe by ignoring it - it would "help" you ... just trying to understand them I guess !!

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    I wish I had a mom or dad still alive to love me again. Losing my mom was as bad as the thing I can't do now that I am sci.
    But, I'm glad that mom is not alive to see me in a chair.
    Don't want this to be depressing cause I'm OK.

    WFE, When I got hurt my family was so helpful.
    But when my law-suit money came in they borrowed, needed or thought I owed so now few come around. Especially the ones that borrowed.

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    yup....and I'm grateful she does....although after I was first hurt I hated her for being so protective! LOL!

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    Originally posted by Obieone:

    P.S. WFE maybe for your folks - the pain of your losses was simply too overwhelming ... they just couldn't cope
    Words can hurt so bad and leave emotional scars so much when you are rejected by your own blood; because "your suddenly not like you used to be". You often wonder if they ever think about how you feel because of their actions. What some of us have experienced is just so bizarre and has seemingly robbed some of life away. You often wonder which would be best, overbearing parents or parents that no longer can deal with you so you are locked away in an emotional prism.


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    Marm -- VERY well said!!! My df's mom is constantly on him and it drives him nuts. I know in his shoes I'd be annoyed too but I TRY to think how I would feel if it was my dd who was injured. I think I would be insane, smothering and have a hard time knowing when to back off. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be to see your child go through it.


    "Your children make it impossible to regret your past"

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    I talk with my Mom and Dad almost every day. I know they are hurting, but they have provided me excellent counsel and emotional support.

    They are 80 and 83, but still spunky and fun to talk with.

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    I talk to my mom at least once a day, my dad is a non verbal stroke paitent so its a double check I know they are okay & she knows I'm okay

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    Wyatt (partner) is a T-9 complete para and pretty independent aside from a few things he can't do for himself, and I still call from school (I'm a teacher) to see if he's okay. He gets irritated sometimes, but at least I know he's okay. And yes, I am afraid he fell out of his chair or got hurt. I mean, you never know what could happen.

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    I call my Mom daily in Ukraine.
    She never wanted to move to Canada

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