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Thread: Prototype of a new handcycle coming out :)

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    Prototype of a new handcycle coming out :)

    Only thing dont use your hands to power it. Call it the 'lazy-man' version

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    I would take something like that...
    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    dang that is cool. My wife owns a tadpole trike likt that. Called the aterraTrike. Wonder what type of power they are using on it. I know there are a few guys in Vancouver BC using power with their h/c for the hills.

    Thanks for the video, I'll hve to show the wife.

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    in the comments:

    "It is 20,000 watts (about 28hp).

    35 miles on a charge with 1,000 recharge cycles available.

    The pack is good for 125,000 watts of output. So, this thing is not being stressed.

    I have actually pulled 800 amps at 44 volts on this thing. So, I am up near 40hp for very small bursts. It will sustain 500 amps at 46 volts pretty much the whole time it is under load. I have over-amped the controllers, though. So, I am taking the gearing down from 60mph to 50mph top speed. That should give me 25% less load on the controllers. I am also going to program some throttle ramp into the system to eliminate the huge current spikes."

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    Thanks Scot, I think this would add another ten years to my handcycling. Where's my drool cup, I'm going for a bike ride lol.

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    Your neighbors would not love listening to you squeal around in that thing. The guy cleaning your brains off of his SUV’s bumper would also probably not be thrilled either.

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    I think it's a great concept, especially being rear-wheel-powered.

    I sent the guy a message via youtube to pick his brain.

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    Anyone try fitting one of these to their handcycle?

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    i have a viper from which i got years ago - they have a kids version, a quad version and a 2 rwd version, as well as a power assisted handcycle

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