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Thread: Marvel v. Cervelo

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    What is going on in the wheelchair business? Recently the Tailwind company was bought out, placing the chair in legal limbo, and now this. It sure does not bode well for consumers of the niche chairs.

    I really feel bad for you guys. You did some real out-of-the-box thinking to create the Marvel.
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    Damn it, this kind of shit pisses me off.
    Sorry guys.
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    I'm so sorry to learn that you and Christian got sucker punched this way. I can only imagine how surreal this turn of events must be for both of you. I'm heartened, however, that you and Christian haven't lost your resolve and will forge ahead with an even better product.

    I'm at a loss to understand Cervelo's logic. The Marvel M1's market penetration and branding was hardly deep enough that now would present as the ideal time to call in their loan and wrest control away from the two of you. I would guess that anyone who's bought a Marvel, or was considering to purchase one, knows at least tangentially who you are -- the association is that strong. Why would Cervelo deliberately cultivate such corporate ill will among a community they hope to market to? And that will be the repercussion of this.

    Perhaps they're deliberately plotting Marvel's demise. Maybe they're in need of a tax write-off. Like I said, where's the logic to this decision?

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    I'm not sure that CareCure is the appropriate venue for this ... we don't want to be brought into this legal rambling.
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    Wow just reading that makes me want to blow things up with multiple rockets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Like I said, where's the logic to this decision?
    I don't think anyone really knows.

    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    I'm not sure that CareCure is the appropriate venue for this ... we don't want to be brought into this legal rambling.
    "We" being whom?

    I appreciate Jeff's candor & I know I'm not the only stakeholder here. His post was nothing more than a detailed "FYI."

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    now, lets see if, when or how long it will take Cervelo to respond. wondering if they are CareCure savy.

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    Perhaps not a perfect analogy, but Cervelo pulled a Leno on Jeff and Christian. They gave them the show and then stole it back.

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    Thanks for the info, sorry to hear that. Blows my mind, but that is how the corporate world works, no brains attached. I honestly don't see how they intend to carry on with this chair, it was the the idea of a couple of guys in a chair, it was innovative and different because of that, those two pushed the chair and were there to work with each customer to be sure that their chairs worked for that customer, so the best business move is to get rid of those guys? Such a confusing idea to even try to comprehend and I'm sure both of you still are trying to get your heads around the idea of what just happened.

    It does make up my decision and ZR series 2 here I come!

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    I think maybe everyone should consider that we're only being presented with one side, or part of the story here, and should perhaps reserve judgment of any parties involved actions until we know the full story.

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