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Thread: Oh the halarity of being a gimp....

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    Oh the halarity of being a gimp....

    Yes, I spelled hilarity wrong. So I'm sitting here in my studio room stuck. Why? Because somehow a lube packet from my cath kit dropped on my footrest and burst under my shoes. Now even after wiping up the globs, my shoes and footrest are so slippery that when I try to go up the ramp, my feet slip out and get caught on the door frame.

    Taken out by 3g of lube. Gotta chuckle at the situations we get ourselves into! Share a story of your own?

    (btw, I'm not in danger or anything. No worries)
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    I'm not the gimp, hubby is, but got taken down by some lube also.
    While pushing the Hoyer to the bed I ran over a tube-the big kind-of lube. Before I realized what happened I was on my ass wondering what happened. It had shot across the room. Hubby hung in the air and started laughing. I said "shut up you naked flyer."
    Never a dull moment.

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    I dropped a bottle of sunscreen once when I was in my powerchair and squished it under the wheel when I turned to look for it. It exploded like a shotgun going off and dumped its load all over the wall like some sort of (insert pornographic reference here).

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    You're so right, ya gotta laugh in these situations to survive em!

    A few years ago I was moving around my bedroom in my old power chair. One of the drive wheels snagged the dangling end of a roll of catheter tubing (I buy it in 50 foot rolls), which got wrapped around and jammed into the wheel. Before I realized it, it pulled over the big metal cart that had all my gimp stuff on it. This blocked the door and trapped me in the bedroom for two hours with nobody home.

    Through the door I had a perfect view of my evil cat up on the table, eating the tuna off a salad that I had there.

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    in highschool i had to potty. in those days i transfered to the toilet. so i did and i took off the brakes to turn the wheelchair around and had a hand spasm, which caused the wheelchair to roll to the other side of the huge toilet stall and i couldnt reach it.

    i was trying not to yell to loudly but going "NO NO COME BACK!! COME BACK!!!" when i heard my principal (a guy) poke his head in and say "hello?? anybody in there? you need help?"

    i was so mortified that i sat very still and quiet. he left and i had to get on the floor (eeewwww) and crawl to get my chair rather than suffer the embarrassment of having my principal save my half naked ass.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Ah yes, those awesome sci moments that are almost surreal in their absurdity.

    I use sip and puff for everything and routinely get into trouble with my straws. Three on my power chair and three to run my study station. If I'm not paying attention, I'll go to have a sip of water and accidentally trigger the chair's tilt or recline, sending me face-planting into, say, the page-turning straw, which will then jam itself either in my eye, up my nose, or down my throat. By that point I'll have lost control of the chair straws altogether, leaving me way too upright and unable to tilt back, reverse, or activate my call bell. With a (literal) mouthful of straws I can't manage much more than some frantic gurgling noises the odd 'elp 'elp sound, so at that point, I'm at the mercy of fate and someone happening by. It's pretty sad when life has come to this. One day I'll no doubt lose an eye.

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    don't put bath oil in the bath tub. talk about 'slip sliding away'

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    [B]Poor Cspine, lol I have not had a prob like that with lube.

    My last embarrassing moment was in a hospital lobby's elevator. Castor got stuck sideways between the floor and the elevator. I wonder how many people have done that before lol. It took some great effort to get out i must say. Kinda struck me odd that a gap like that would be there in a hospital.
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    I remember there was a guy on these forums a while back who was sitting at his desk on the computer and leaned back and went over backwards and his feet got stuck on the opening of his desk and he was sitting there stuck suspended in a wheelie position for quite a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff B View Post
    I dropped a bottle of sunscreen once when I was in my powerchair and squished it under the wheel when I turned to look for it. It exploded like a shotgun going off and dumped its load all over the wall like some sort of (insert pornographic reference here).
    LMAO! I had such a bad day ... truly I laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing! *still stifling giggles*
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