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Thread: My positive phillosophy Random / abstract but curious

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    My positive phillosophy Random / abstract but curious

    Dear CC Everyone
    First of all I am a geeky book nerd of sorts lol . As you all noticed My views vary so yes I am scattered and abstract but rather fun , deep and compassionate and open minded .
    What makes us tick ? I mean looking at the big picture SCI folk often go through bouts of depression and some of us are victims of forms of abuse such as verbal or physical etc... I know i've had my share of depression and crap like that !!!!! But I just wont give up

    My fire in me is intense and this strong foundation of Faith is unbreakable.
    I am very shy and humble but observant and curious about most anything .

    What makes me tick is living every moment to the best of my capabilities and consequentially I find solitude in the muck of stress or issues .

    Physically I know I am different looking in the stores and see kids look at me or people stare at me but I am happy with myself and I love smiling to people . Sometimes in my case the simplist thing's make me happy .

    Everyone has different approaches to daily life , I am a people person and I love helping people . Right now I am writing a book about sci mental theories and view's .

    Everyday personally I look forward to popping up here at CC and reading the topics and posts , you all are absolutely wonderful and I admire you all .

    My strong point is my devotion to psychoogy , I've spent nearly 20 + years of my life observing , writing theories and concepts regarding life and psychology / science . Some people do not know how much reading / writing i've done regarding science and medical . This is what makes me tick !

    What is your favorite theories or phillosophies ?

    Sorry for the unorthodox style but I hope you all smile and interact with me .
    Let's help eachother
    Thank you
    Keep smiling

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    Today I took a few hours to Think things over making notes of important thing's

    Also I made many notes of things that sadden me
    One of the things that saddened me was my Boyfriends remarks and he is somewhat rude for saying things along the lines of He is sorry of my disabled as- or when he say's Shut up to me , This pushed me to look into checking into Realestate yesterday . So I am now setting up Dream Goals and I dont ask for much . A relative told me today that when I set out to do something I follow through so hopefully she is right lol .

    Being any relationship is a 2 way street this can go for any gender

    He has to realize I am not playing jokes or taking his negativity lightly , he will find out one way or another I am a respectable woman and no one deserves to be disrespected no matter who you are .

    Right now I am hanging in limbo but positive attituded and my limbo is just temporary

    I been looking for a affordable home or place and I am making positive lists of my goals to reach such goals .

    It is amazing how for every negative thing in my life I made a list of positive thing's in my life and the positives outweighed them nasty negatives

    Now the hardest part at this point in my life is how i'll get my medical neccessary items to point ( B) But somehow there will be a way . I may have a few ideas soon . This is good .

    Little by little Light shines and I see the light . ( Thank God )

    These lists I mention of ;
    Anyone can use these ideas / principles to their advantages in any situation or endeavor's .
    I just poped 2 bc powders and I am sipping my Grape Gatorade
    You all are the best
    Have a Blessed Weekend


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