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Thread: Are there any Skilled One Hand Typist

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    Are there any Skilled One Hand Typist

    I am c-7 incomplete my right side is affected, so I am learning everything with my left, including typing. I found some programs on the web to help with this but my sensation in my left hand is also compromised, so I need something to put on my keys so I can tell where my home keys are while I am typing. I thought of gluing sandpaper to he keys, buit I think it might be rough on my fingers

    Any one hand typist that can give me any suggestions.

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    I knew a blind guy who used stick on Braille labels on his keyboard. The letters were in print, but also raised Braille bumps. Would something like that work? There are other stick on key labels and they might feel different enough.
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    Sci, that sounds like it might work, as long as it will give me a feel as to where the keys are. Thx

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    Dear Chrl
    I type alot with one hand because I am a c3 - c7 quad ( I am similar to SCI55)
    Personally I wouldnt use sandpaper on a keyboard for this reason
    Sand paper will erode over time / use and these tiny small sand / abrasive particles will fall in a keyboard messing up a computer . Being these particles are sylica origins these may also cause short circuits conductivity .
    Just trying to help

    I would imagine a pt may have some ideas regarding your question .

    There is a product called Gorilla Snot that guitarists use to hold picks
    Maybe this could help
    You apply this Gorilla Snot to your finger tips

    Musicians Friend may have this ok ?

    I hope you find a way to make your typing easier

    Feel free to keep in touch


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    Thx Gypsy, I am trying to increase my speed from 25 to 35 wpm. Trying to keep my hands on the home keys J H G F. is very challenging. I am trying to get a job that has Data Entry involved and most ask that you have at least 35 wpm.

    I have been working at home since my sci in 2004 and now I want to get back out there.

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    Got another idea. I keep a roll of masking tape around for temporary sticking, and it might be possible to just put little strips or pieces or something like that on the keys to give them a different feel. If the texture difference is not enough, you could try putting a little crease in the tape.

    Are you using a keyboard layout for one handed typists? If not, that could give your speed a boost.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Chrl, my right hand has limited function and bails out completely on Me now and again, so my one handed typing has become pretty good by necessity.

    I put dots of clear nail polish or super glue on my anchor keys. It raises enough of a bump to help keep your fingers from getting lost or out of position for touch typing.
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    You guys Rock!!

    Sci, you have some great ideas, I am going to try all of them.

    Hip, that's sounds good too. I going to try all of them.

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    read online (wiki) about the dvorak keyboard layout versus the usual querty keyboard.
    dvorak is often a default option on most computers. it takes a little practice at first,
    but is a much more efficient and compact layout.

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