Here is a link to a trial going on in our neck of the woods. This guy is a real piece.

Though he could not determine a point of origin for the blood splatter in the living room, he said he could determine a height of origin of somewhere between 3-feet, 7-inches-tall to 3-feet, 9-inches-tall. This means it is possible — though he is not certain — that Morrow could have been sitting in her wheelchair at the time of her attack, he said.

From the way the blood was splattered on the back side of the inner door, this means the door was shut during the attack, he noted.

There was also evidence of cast-off blood splatter on walls that could have come when a weapon, covered with blood, was swung back into the air.

Patterson’s testimony came Wednesday afternoon in the homicide case against Chad Jamie Gulbertson at the Rice County Courthouse. Gulbertson faces three first-degree murder charges and two second-degree murder charges in Morrow’s death.

He is accused of stabbing her three times and then bludgeoning her with a hammer at least 18 times.