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Thread: Getting MRI? Get the Valium!

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    Getting MRI? Get the Valium!

    Today I drove myself to what was supposed to be a 45 min. MRI. 2 1/2 hours of hell later I drove home.

    I've only ever had 1, the night I broke my neck. Not sure if they'd doped me up or I just had a lot on my mind, I remember the mri being minor.

    Today: Tried to fend of a panic attack, got in trouble for breathing too hard. (Probably couldn't do that the 1st time, my diaphragm was 75% paralyzed.) So much for breath control meditations. Valium sure would have helped the anxiety.

    Laying like that in a machine will give spasms to anybody, I'd think. Valium would have really helped that too.

    Talked to my Dad tonight, he's suffered thru many an MRI. He said "Oh good God, never agree to those tests without sedation!" The more you know...

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    i got yelled at for dancing in the mri cuz the one at strong sounds like cool industrial club music. valium is a great idea if u hate small spaces. when my mom had to get one i made her call her dr for valium. she cant even be in an elevator without panicking.
    best mri was for my wrist. 10 min and i was done and didnt have to go into that birth canal-like experience
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    wow, i have never heard of one lasting so long. poor thing, i dont know why they wont or dont give out meds to calm you down before tests. my BP was sky high laying on my stomach for my spinal tap. I coulda used some drugs too!

    Sorry, at least its all over now.
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    just as a note: they cant give you any pain medication without prior dr consent.

    not even a local for a spinal tap??

    my mris have usually been 1 - 2hrs but then i have a lot of metal in my back.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    I get yelled at all of the time because of spasms in the MRI. And that is with the valium. It doesnt work for me for spasms, in fact nothing does. I just warn them in advance and apologize in advance. There is nothing to do about it and it is not my fault. It doesn't stop them from bitching about it though.
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    They offered me drugs, I was being cocky I guess. I didn't see how a pelvic scan could be worse than the one I got 10 yrs ago, which I think looked at my entire neck/back.

    I bet 10 yrs ago they had given me drugs, or I was still in shock. I'd been paralyzed an hour, no spasms yet, no danger of moving. 10 years post-sci is a whole nother ballgame.

    But yay, it is over! And I learned a valuable lesson. If Dad takes the drugs, i certainly plan to LOL. Dad had his esophagus removed and throat burnt w/ radiation and still didn't take hardly any pain meds. He's far tougher than me.

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    I'd never consider trying one without sedation. They are brutal. And, I always get yelled at too for not lying still. They act as if clonus and spasms are under my control...fuckers!
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    And don't forget to ask for the good ones!

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    I'm like you Beth, mri's were never a problem for me, had a BUNCH w/o a problem, often went to sleep during them. Not so the last one I had, by the first 20 minutes I was ready to jump, I almost couldn't remain still. I started cussing, bitchin and then I said F*** I'm gonna scream if this don't end soon and then she spoke... uhooooh! I went to church with this woman's husband for years and for a few months with her after they were married. I wish I had used better language, I hate to do that to people who don't cuss. From that point on, I had to get scooted out for a few minutes and apologized, but I asked for no longer than 10 minute stretches and It was almost over anyway. Total of about an hour. The strangest thing, I usually freeze in hospitals, I was burning UP in the machine and for the first time I had them use the fan on me.

    I had/have all i know to call it, restless leg syndrome, OFTEN, lol. I just can't be still. When necessary, I have always been able to restrain it. Not so now. I'll have them give me 20mg or
    so next time. I hope there AIN'T a next time tho, lol.

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    Be proactive! tell them when you schedule it. Some places will give you Valium 10 or maybe you can get it from you PCP and take in the waiting room, if not used to taking it- have a driver home.Ask your doctor about taking an extra or higher dose of spams meds for the MRI.
    Take pain pills whatever with you. But sometimes you just have to move/spasm.Do the best you can. Ignore the rudeness- try not to use foul language because you may know these people, as was said earlier, and you will probably have future MRIs.
    If you have a choice of MRI places? call them and see what their protocol or experience is with SCI pts. some must be better than other. But you just have to do the best you can.
    PS- I had to take Valium because I couldn't stand the claustrophobia and had no idea before hand- I didn't even let them get started- it was like a coffin!!!!! I had probably been with 100's of pts in MRI.
    Brought my husband to talk to me while they did it to which helped.

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