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Thread: six-month anniversary of SCI

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    six-month anniversary of SCI

    today is the six-month anniversary of my accident. We've come a long way but still have a long way to go. The last few weeks I have been dealing with medications added for bladder pressure and muscle spasms. For someone who rarely needed to take medications for anything, this new part of my life takes some getting used to. I also managed to burn my fingers last week holding onto a cup of tea from a coffee shop. Every day it seems like we learn something new! But all in all, I have more good days than bad. This site has been so helpful.

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    Hello QnMary, I'm glad you are havng more good days than bad.
    I agree, every day is a learning experience.

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    Sounds like your doing well so far. Keep an eye out at trade shows, art festivals etc, insulating cop holders do exist..

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    Congrats on your 6 month mark. So it sounds like you can pick up a cup of hot tea and drink it-- a simple pleasure of life. Are you saying though you can't feel the heat only or the cup entirely?

    Keep up the hard work!

    - K
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    Stay strong, sounds like you're doing well.
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    Six months, alot can come back or get stronger. Keep at it, stay positive; know it'll get better and work towards that goal. Maximize that potential. Six months is a very recent injury, where you are at now will be completley different in a year, especially if you work at it..

    I hear you on taking medications. You'll fine tune them as you get along. As you get more fit and things settle down, you'll find what works for you.

    Congrats, sounds like you are on track. There's some great people here with a lot of knowledge and experience. I feel blessed everytime I come on.
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    keep moving forward!

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    thank you all for the kind words! I find this site to be very inspiring.

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    Mary, it only gets better! As I mentored a person on this site, injured 3 weeks after getting married, just out of college, had a car wreck, it rolled and it got her,she has made tremendous strides.
    you forget the landmarks, sorta, but you will look back and see, geez at 6 mo. 1 yr, 1-1/2 yr every thing becomes easier and changes made will make life better. This person I spoke of has , at 2yrs past, a great life, finished a couple more classes to enable her to teach! she and husband have worked thru, things, and she's got her driving certification.
    You can get better, wait and see, it will all come together. Hang in there.

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