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Thread: name change

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obieone View Post
    Just what I was going to say ....
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    They've had that name for their store for years. "Oh, and their mom married Bruce Jenner" So what, I'd love to have Bruce Jenner for a dad. This post is really kind of petty and high schoolish.

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    I will admit to it, I like the Kardashians.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    I will admit to it, I like the Kardashians.
    me too, I like their show.

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    me too, and i am 61...

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    I think of Mrs Dash the spice.

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    No, name change! You'll be around way after those reality (trying to be polite) women.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    No, name change! You'll be around way after those reality (trying to be polite) women.
    I read a book called "Jeb and Dash." Dash was someone I never have forgotten. So I like Dash.

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    OK, The name originated when 1st trying to quickly think of a moniker to use here and at New Mobility when released from 'the big house' with tons of questions. It started as dashing because friends on my w/c track and field team named me 'Dashing Donna'. It stuck cause newspapers picked up on it. I figured I'd remember it on these websites because they had to do with my disability. The good part.
    I later became more practible and shortened it plus dashing sounded too pretentious to those who may have thought, She is so dashing... Just not me. I am still dashing on NM but forgot my password and don't think much is happining over there. Someone tell me if I'm missing anything.
    betheny, I never heard of Dash Snow. Guess I've been out of NY too long. I do wonder why some claim things are art even though I did know Andy Warhol. I would never want any work by Dash Snow as I worry enough about walls and bedspreads in hotel rooms.
    The Morse Code wasn't thought of origionally so I'll steer clear I'm clueless and would most likely offend someone.
    Sci for 55, I'm to old and tired to sprint or be perky (that could sound kinky)
    crypt, I'd probably mispell it myself and be forever known as hymen. Can you believe people actually are named that?
    Patrick Madsen, Sorry you feel I'm being "petty and high schoolish". I posted this under 'Life'. All our lives are different. Why not just ignore it? You actually amused me today. Thank you.
    Mona, I've thought that every time I've heard the commercial since I shortened it.
    To those who like the program, enjoy. My reason goes back to OJ killing Ron Goldman and Nicole. I had my 1st broken femur, osteomelitis and bedsore. I watched the trial everyday, read every book with the point of view of both sides. I feel the truth is somewhere in the middle except for documented evidence. Facts are facts. The blood doesn't lie. It would take 23 people who didn't know each other, but knew a fill in limo driver would and that he and Nicole would argue change restaurants and her mother would drop her glasses.
    I just feel we have all these 'celebrities' who are where they are not from talent but a business deal. I also think buying t-shirts or sweat shirts with someones name or company on it is free advertising. The public is being used by big business.
    I may keep dash but I could be "mature" like Patrick Madson" and use my name and middle initial, donnaj.
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    Hymen was a Greek god. Now if you were a guy, it'd work out

    HYMENAIOS (Hymen or Hymenaeus) was the god of weddings, or more specifically of the wedding hymn which was sung by the train of the bride as she was led to the house of the groom. Hymenaios was numbered amongst the Erotes, the youthful gods of love.

    As one of the gods of song, he was usually described as a son of Apollon and a Muse.

    Hymenaios appears in Greek art as a winged child carrying a bridal torch in his hand, such as in the image right, depicting the wedding procession of Herakles and Hebe.
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