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Thread: name change

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    name change

    I just heard those Kardasian twits are opening a clothing line named Dash. The only reason they are known is their Dad was OJ Simpson's friend. He had to renew his law license cause prior to the Bronco run OJ told him he was guilty. Oh, their Mom married Bruce Jenner too.
    Boo, I refuse to be reminded of OJ daily. What now?

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    Send me a PM with your new preference. I suggest Kourtney.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    I'm steering clear from K's.

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    What about sprint? It is a synonym for dash so you can change the word and keep the meaning. On the other hand, dash has other meanings. How did your choice of dash come about?
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    Your name makes me think of Dash Snow, NYC's downtown artist dude, died last year of a heroin OD. Not sure that's any better than OJ/Kardashians, though. Dash Snow made collages and then masturbated on them, artistic value debatable, although their price went up when he personally went down.

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    I like RDF's idea -- go with Hyphen instead of dash.
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    hyphen could be misread by certain ppl (me) when they r drinking (often) to be read as hymen. change at ur own risk. :P
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    I like Dash. Quick and sassy come to mind.

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