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Thread: Practical New Baby Gifts

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    I was going to suggest you look at her registry .. .that's something a lot of people dont do and nothing is more annoying then having to return gifts you didnt choose or need (especially since a new mom will likely do a LOT of research to find exactly what they want)

    HOWEVER the diaper genie is a must even if a new mom doesnt know she wants it

    ~*~*~Priscilla Katheryn

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    The bright, shining new light of my life in recent months was the arrival of Charles Joseph (C.J.) into the world on Dec. 3rd. Dark hair, deep blue eyes,too-long eyelashes for a boy,and a happy disposition - he is destined to break hearts.

    Oh yeah - and we also ended up buying her a travel tote bag - that and the diaper genie have been decidedly helpful!

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    Most practical, buy a baby or diaper bag, and fill it. Bottles, that weird bottle cleaner, undershirts, diapers, powder, diaper rash cream, wipes, changing pad, formula (if baby is bottle feed), teething rings, etc. or a baby bath tub and fill with bath stuff soap, brushes , bath towels, rubber duckies, socks, undershirts etc.

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