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Thread: Practical New Baby Gifts

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    Practical New Baby Gifts

    Hi all. I have a question that is not SCI related, but that I could use help with, please? My 20 year old niece is due to have her first baby in December ( a boy). She is not exactly financially well off, and we'd like to get a gift that is the most practical as possible, but since I have no children and my experience with babies is rather limited, I"m not sure what might be the most appropriate gift. Debbie's experience with her kids is somewhat dated, and we know there are a lot of new nifty items out there, but we are also not financially very stable and can't buy anything too outrageously expensive. The biggest items are covered already, as is clothing, so what might be a good idea? Baby monitor perhaps? We'd love to give her the world, but since we can't, we just want to give her whatever will be most helpful for her. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Melissa

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    If she's not financially well off I'd get her diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby soap, etc. Those are neccessities, unlike clothes etc. and people usually don't buy that stuff. Just don't buy 100 newborn diapers, get size 1 or 2 as he newborn only fit for a couple weeks.

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    There's a gadget called a diaper genie. Way cool. Diaper genie link

    I posted a walmart link just so you'll know what I'm talking about.

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    Some diapers and maybe a few free babysitting certificates to be redeemed when Mom and Dad need a break.


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    This may not sound practical NOW, but ... how about opening a savings account or something similar with the understanding that every year you'll deposit $25 (or whatever) into that account? That way, when she's 18 she'll have several hundred dollars to get started with thanks to Aunt Melissa.

    My grandmother did something similar for each one of us when we were born but with treasury notes or savings bonds(?). Sure came in handy when I hit my 20s!

    Also, when I think back to all the CRAP that well meaning relatives have bought for my children over the years ... wish I could run some of that stuff through a cash machine and deposit it into their accounts!

    Money is always practical.

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    Not enough can be said about onesies. Those t-shirt snappy between the leg things. Spit up = change them, poopy accident = change them, diaper pee overflow = change them. I don't think there can ever be enough onesies.
    If they have chosen to breast feed, a couple bucks towards good breast pump would help. We had the one that looked like a big purse when in transit. they cost about $200.


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    I'll agree with Joe, the breast pump was awesome (I went back to work after 2 months). But onesies??? If she has a shower she'll have enough onesies to clothe a small country of babies. Something we both used a lot was our snugli carrier. It's a front carrier that makes it easy to do just about anything without having to put the baby down. The cost start around $18+

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    Hi all. Sorry to not get back to you sooner - been a bit crazy around here. What a lot of great ideas! Thank you so much! I'm going to write them all down and talk to Debbie about which way to jump. Since Christmas will be here very shortly after the baby's birth, I just might use that as a first time of starting a savings account for the bambino. In this world, it's never too soon to start saving. She is planning on breast feeding so a breast pump sounds like a good idea. And that diaper genie is way cool, Betheny. Maybe we'll do a grab bag of diapers, wipes, ointment, etc. Hmmm... so many great ideas - where to start, where to start?

    Don't worry, Steve. Free babysitting is already a given.

    I really appreciate the ideas. Now I know we can get her something she can really use. Thank you all.

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    So we went baby gift shopping and decided to go with the diaper genie. To our surprise the registered item at the Baby Superstore cost only a few dollars more than the WAlmart version so we decided to get that one hoping that way nobody else will buy the one off the registry adn repeat the gift. We also bought a refill for it, and then later (at Walmart) we bought travel sized bottles of everything a travelling mama might need for a bambino in need of a diaper change, and used a clear plastic bag to put them in. We also got a gift certificate for diapers so she can pick out brand, size, she needs.

    So much cool stuff, so little money. For Christmas, we'll see what she still desperately needs - or wants - and decide which direction to go then.Still like the idea to start a savings acct. of some kind,or - oh, who knows? I just wish I could buy it all. I'd be a terrible rich great-aunt - I"d spoil the heck out of the kid. Just as well Im not.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas. They did help.

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    I have twins and these are a few things I wouln't give up for anything: bouncy seat or swing when you just need those 10 minutes for both hands and the baby needs entertained for a while. Stick-on thermometers, they are just like stickers and stick underneath one armpit. They stay on for about three days and you can check the temperature whenever you want without the hassle(it won't cone off in the tub either), I got mine at Eckerds. Also I have this big sponge for bath tub, I like it better than the little tub (also difference in money $5 sponge vs. $20 tub).

    Waste of money was a bottle warmer.

    That's just the top of my head...

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