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Thread: Bowel Trouble

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    Bowel Trouble

    I realize this isn't the most pleasent topic but I need advice. I've been a C5 Quad for 18yrs. I've been doing my bowel care every other day via magic bullet suppository without issue and I take Amitza daily. About a year ago, I started having accidents. So, my attendant started doing bowel care daily which seemed to resolve the issue. Every once in a while we'd get this thick, yellow mucus in the bowel. But it would be gone the next time. 7 days ago I had a diarrhea accident and every bowel care since am only getting that yellow mucus. This concerns me but my doctor doesn't seem to have advice for me. Has anyone had this or know what this could be?

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    Magic Bullet afterburn. Try using only 1/2 a supp and do bowels daily.. Also try rinsing all the MB out w/ a syringe full of warm water at the end.

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    Do you mean you are only getting the yellow mucus and no firm stool?

    If so I would suggest you may be constipated or even impacted.

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    bowel issues

    Yes, only the yellow mucous. Though previous to the diarrhea accident I didn't have any hard stool or constipation symptoms. Could I still be impacted? What do I do?

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    I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable with regards to laxatives and stool softeners as I have only use Bisacodyl suppositories for years but I'm sure a nurse will have some suggestions soon.

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    Stool softeners only work to prevent stool from getting hard/dry -- they won't soften stool that's already formed.

    As far as laxatives, I'd start with something gentle like Miralax or Milk of Magnesia (or even just straight magnesium supplements -- 1200 mg is equivalent to one dose of MOM).

    If that doesn't produce something overnight, you can go to the strong stuff, magnesium citrate. Drink one full bottle. If nothing happens in six hours, drink a second bottle. Then prepare for a blowout 'cause this stuff will blast everything out of you.
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