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Thread: Dodge Mega Cab wheelchair conversion

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    Dodge Mega Cab wheelchair conversion

    Does anyone have one of these by Ryno or seen one? I have a Quickie 646 and a Quantum 4000 and I want to be sure I can get in the driver's position (in my chair) before I purchase a new truck.

    Thanks, appreciate ya'll!!!!

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    Yea, that was my 1st idea...she said to contact my local dealer to find one but they didnt know of any.

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    Hi Onry,

    I don't mean to hijack your thread, but can I PM you about your opinion on the Quickie 646 and Quantum R4000?

    I have been demo'ing chairs (as you may have read) forever now - narrowed them down to those two chairs for my power options. Like to hear your thoughts on your chairs.

    On another note - Got my new ZRA today! Sweet.

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    im sure it can be done man
    Never Give in..Never Give up

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    I can get you in a truck. See website

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