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Thread: Home Elevator needs good technician...

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    Home Elevator needs good technician...

    anyone in NNJ have any luck finding a good elevator technician? I just paid $375 to have someone come out and fiddle around for three hours...didn't fix anything.

    very frustrated...

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    I dont have a specific contact but try asking the manufacturer for an installer in your area.

    I then suggest you sign up for an annual maintenence contract. I know it's $$$, but it avoids many future headaches.

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    annual contract is a scam!

    I've had no good results with the local companies, the original installer did a half assed job, didn't install it on a weight bearing wall and didn't provide a dedicated circuit. When I recently told the company owner he said 'we're not responsible for the electrical' and 'the building inspector is responsible for the structural'... actually its right in the installation manual's directions. No wonder they're afraid of liability.

    So I tried a different company...I told them what parts I wanted replaced. They send their tech, he shows up without the parts, fiddles around and says I also need some other parts...BS.

    The elevator working fine now with some help from a friend, granted he's a Swiss EE and very good at diagnosis and repair. We fixed it with about $50 in parts and a few evenings work...quite sure the local company would have charged thousands...they had already recommended replacing it as 'they are only designed to last 10 to 15 years'


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    I've had good luck with homelift of america 215-345-8672 or 267-960-0096

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