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Thread: Need your input on parenting equipment!

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    Need your input on parenting equipment!

    I have been contacted by an organization in New Zealand that designs innovative equipment for children with special needs. (see their web site,
    They are interested in designing equipment for parents in wheelchairs to assist them with their daily activities of raising their children. They would like to hear your suggestions - whether it be modifications to existing equipment that's available or something totally new.
    Please post your suggestions here. This is a wonderful opportunity for disabled parents to have input and finally get the equipment designed that they need!

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    I think modification to existing equipment is a better idea because then the parent could buy the crib or whatever and simply order the modification package. Things that have been difficult or impossible for me to do in the last year as a new parent and a C 7 quadriplegic are:

    -Lower crib rail (can't push bottom rail in with foot)
    -Undo safety straps (the type where you squeeze the buckle)
    - Push stroller (a basket or something to attach to the front frame of a chair would be great, esp. if an infant car seat could clip to it)
    - a chair at floor level to play with child.

    I'm sure I will think of more.

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    Wendy, be sure to refer them to some of the disabled parent discussion and information sites listed on the "sticky" at the top of this forum.


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    Hate to sound dumb . . . but what does SCI-Nurse mean by the "sticky at the top of this forum"? We're looking for disabled parent information sites. I can't see a sticky of any kind at the tip of this forum.

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    When you first enter the forum, look at the top of the list of topics. Those in bold print are permanently stck to the top, so we call them sticky.

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