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Thread: Mobile Homes

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    Hi Shaun
    I have some very kool concepts about mobile homes
    Every one I've live in I had friends make my doorways wider because of turning radius of so many wheelchairs both elec or manual
    I like my halls to be around 38 inches Wide and I love open room living room I have no barriers and I get through mine easily
    It is fun
    Good luck

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    i wanna take trip to where i want with like as a caravan =))

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    I would get a sprinkler system if I lived in a mobile home. I heard they can burn really fast.

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    I have a 1965 single 10x50. My only problem is having to go all the way down the hall before turning around to go back and I can't use my hand rims in the hallway as they are 28" wide. so I push on the tires instead.

    Funny Story (We Laugh Now) - I also had a brush with tree damage. A huge maple tree landed on the house. My boyfriend who is a cop had gotten called out quickly in the middle of the night had pushed my chair out of his way thinking he would be back before I had to get up. Yeah. Tree totally smashed his decommissioned police car (outfitted with my hand controls) and my ramp. The tree freaked me and I was stuck with no chair. I ended up with half the police and fire department at our trailer trying to get me out. The only damage was cosmetic when the tree knocked down part of the ceiling tiles down from the whiplash.

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    Check out the Shamrock Home website they have a pretty good selection of accessibility options. They tend to be quite well made, my wife and I have toured four or five of them - 2 owned by chair users.

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    I don't know nuthin about mobile homes in a chair... I grew up in a double-wide, raised with a level built underneath it thereby immobilizing the home. Karl mentioned something earlier about renting on reservation land that and it brought me back... about 30 years ago my grandparents were renting on res land in BC. There were kid's summer camps next door, a field across the street, and the beach was 200 yards away, occasionally blocked by a train passing through customs at the border. I remember I got my butt whupped for sneaking under one to get under the beach once. It was a great place to spend weekends when my single working mom needed a break.

    One day, they were kicked out. Just like that :/

    I drove by there a few years ago for some memories and the place was an absolute DUMP! One of the most depressing things I ever saw.

    Click here for the dumpiness, zoom out for the grandeur.

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    BTW, Shaun, did you end up selling in Sask.?

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