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Thread: Mobile Homes

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    I lived in one - a single
    pros - I removed the wall between kitchen/living room and between the 2 bedrooms and between the laundry/bathroom. Because they are not support walls there is no problem to do that and then there is lots of space.
    cons - the hallway was really narrow. my 14 inch seat chair fit no problem but I did have a couple friends with wider chairs who's wheels rubbed going down the hall. And if I forgot something halfway down the hall I either had to continue to the end and turn around or back up (which I couldnt seem to do).

    Funny thing about my trailer - I replaced all the carpet with laminate and in the long narrow hallway they laid the flooring so that the lines were vertical and it looked like a bowling lane. My trailer seems to slope a bit toward the back so if I came in late (and drunk) I could aim my chair down the hall and it would roll until it crashed in to the bed and I could just tumble in.

    It was pretty easy to ramp. I actually sold mine for about $15000 more than I paid for it but I had done about $5000 in renovations.
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    Great! Thanks Alex,it was the hall and making the turns into the rooms off of it i was wondering about. How wide would a chair have to be to rub!? Im in a 15'' so im not to worried about it,just curious...didnt tink they were that narrow

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    Not sure but the chair was quite a bit wider than mine that wouldn't fit - maybe 17 or 18. I would say the hall was not much wider than a normal doorway. I didnt have trouble turning in to rooms but the way I remodelled gave me a bit more room. They may not all be that narrow - the mobile home I bought was quite old and tiny.
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    We owned a 16X82' back in the day. It had vaulted ceiling, huge master bedroom, two other good sized bedrooms, full master bath and another full bath. The hallway (which was short because the home was open concept) was wide and the doorways were wide. The master bathroom was large and would work better for me than the bathroom I have now, as far as room and design go.

    If I were to buy a second home for a vacation type home, I would have no problem buying a mobile home. As long as it was a newer version.
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    When you go to buy, have someone knowledgeable look it over good, especially underneath, the flooring if water damaged will begin to sag, it's fixable, but you want to know if it has been... one of those hidden items unscrupulous sellers will try to slide by you.

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    Hi I like mobile homes
    There is handicap desighned styles now more available

    I've modded older ones with larger doors and just being creative for my liking lmao
    because having a roof over ones head is better than not

    Maybe someday i'll opt for another they are just fine by me .

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    I have a double wide 1 for a summer home and have no problem moving around or getting in, door is standard width. Mine has 3 bed rooms 2 bathrooms. big living room moderate size dinning room, small laundry room and kitchen but i can get around in them 2. Only thing i had 2 do was widen bedroom doors, and make bathroom accessible, i had 2 redo my deck so i just had a ramp built to it. It also has a 2 car garage.

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    Hi krew99 Yeppers I did the same things to mine and I get around fine


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    Not looking at making an investment! My house is bought and paid looking at maybe buying another little place on the coast (Vancouver Island)to set up shop for a couple 2 or 3 years and there are no apartments in the area im looking. Just curious if anyone had any issues with wheelin space in a mobile be it single wide or double
    Get a Yurt.

    Google it.

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    Hi Scott

    Tonight I was thinking about house ideas and kool concepts and Upon looking at your picture above it is a really interesting . I like the roof
    How efficent is it ?

    Although I couldnt live in a house with stairs only
    Does yours have a ramp or what is the options ?

    The round Floor concept is so kool

    Thank you
    Have a nice day

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