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Thread: Mobile Homes

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    Mobile Homes

    Lookin at a few mobile homes and im just curious if anybodies livin in or ever had any dis issues in one..

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    horrible investment rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    horrible investment
    I agree. The depreciation is really steep, and you will not be able to get any money out of it if you ever want to try to sell. In addition, they are difficult to make accessible, and require ramping as well as rental of space to keep them (unless you own land where you are allowed to keep them). They are magnet for natural disasters like tornados and other wind/weather systems too.


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    What kind of mobile home are you talking about? are talking the trailers? doublewides? or are you talking like the prefab homes that they deliver and put on a real foundation?

    I had a prefab home, came in two sections. It is an open floor plan which works well, but there is going to be some issues if I wanted to make it truley accessible. Because they are built off site, and brought to your site, there are certain things like metal beams and such that are difficult to work with. I would need doorways widened for sure on the bathrooms and bedrooms

    My chair fits fine through front door and has plenty of space through the living room, kitchen and family room.

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    We lived in a mobile home for a couple years about 15 yrs ago. (before SCI)
    The advantage over an apartment was that we had our own small yard, could have a dog (we also had a small fenced in area for her going out a back door) and no one making noise on the other side of the wall. It was a nice mobile home park. It was a good option when we could not afford to buy a house.
    The downside was that the lot rent always went up and of course depreciation. (renting is not building an asset either)
    We were flooded out and our insurance paid the loan off and totaled it out. We then were able to buy a house we lived in until Dave's SCI.
    Our neighbors at the lake bought a prefab that came in 2 parts. They were able to chose their floorplan as was built for them. Not sure if this helps answer your question.

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    I grew up in one. Mom bought it and the land in 68. Both are still there and being lived in to this day. She and I did some additions, remodeling and I kept it up over the years til she sold it on the mid 80s.
    They are easy to remodel/modify if you know what you are doing, like everything. If you know the mfg, go to the plant where they are made and have them customize it as it is being built. We did that years ago at Norris here in Bean Station. It's one of those 'wha ya know' things. Hope you can find a place to help you. If not, once again they are easily modded.
    Doublewides, as a rule, have less confined space hallways and rooms. Also it would be easy to get to the sub/flooring to shore up any heavy machinery(weights) or lifts you would install. As one who has built from the ground up, remodeled, purchased and owned mobile homes, I say they are a low cost way of owning a home, and NOT swearing away ur next 30 years of income. Go used and never go in debt. That is what I did. Remodel and still have a boatload of saved money.
    Almost everyone has a ramp if they have a wc, and to suggest that they maJIkally call storms upon themselves is ludicrous, and a backwards OPINION. Hardly something I would expect from someone who insists on 'science' when speaking medically, lol. Shame on eWe.

    Number one is setting them up PERMANENT to insure long life. THIS is where most fail. A permanent foundation is where it's at.

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    I have lived in (2) mobile homes. 1 single wide and 1 double wide. I like them. They have a lot more storage than a house and you won't pay the bank as much interest.

    I'd recommend buying one that someone else has already paid to set up on a foundation and all (plumbing, septic, electric etc). Hopefully, find one where the seller has put on front & back porches and good double pane windows - then it will feel like a house.

    You won't make a lot on resale, but who cares at least the bank didn't make a ton of money off of you on interest.

    I live in a house now - $600 interest a month to gain a $100 a month tax savings.

    The worst thing I did was do a roof over (the interlocking panels) on my double wide. I wanted the insulation. As time passes, the ground under the home shifted. I wish I had left the shingles.

    Also ,you don't want the old gray colored water lines. They leak - you fix one leak and create/discover a leak in another place.

    The heat and a/c in my mobile homes were a LOT more efficient and cheaper in a mobile home.

    I hope this helps. Good luck in making your decision.

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    If you have your own land to put it I would say go for it, but a lot of people in BC have been hit hard when the pad rent goes way up or the land owner decides his land would be more valuable if it wasn't a trailer park anymore, or you're on first nations land......

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    Not looking at making an investment! My house is bought and paid looking at maybe buying another little place on the coast (Vancouver Island)to set up shop for a couple 2 or 3 years and there are no apartments in the area im looking. Just curious if anyone had any issues with wheelin space in a mobile be it single wide or double

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    Thanks for the info guys! Trailers im looking are in parks and already established

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