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Thread: Making my Frog Legs casters roll better

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    Well, I ordered new aluminum Frog Leg casters, which I received yesterday; we put them on today and one is defective, it isn't true round, it wobbles and bounces up and down. Obviously this is disappointing; I will hear more tomorrow about a replacement.

    These new ones clearly roll a bit better when spun by hand, but having one defective has me putting one of my poly ones back on, so I have one of each on my chair; my chair rolls straight, so I would say there is not difference in their rolling resistance.

    I don't know if these are considered sealed or not, but I did notice that it is simply a plastic ring pressed in to cover the bearings, not what I would consider as truly sealed.
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    What size tire should I use, 24? 25? 26? ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by douglasdharvey View Post
    What size tire should I use, 24? 25? 26? ?

    It seems like you inadvertently posted this on a threat about casters that is about a decade old. I suggest you make a new thread in the equipment forum and give us some details (injury level, type of wheelchair, your height, etc, etc).

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