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Thread: SCI Mothers: An Abstract

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    SCI Mothers: An Abstract

    Mothers with spinal cord injuries: impact on marital, family, and children's adjustment. Copyright 2002 by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Link to abstract

    "...CONCLUSIONS: SCI in mothers does not appear to affect their children adversely in terms of individual adjustment, attitudes toward their parents, self-esteem, gender roles, and family functioning. Our results may challenge health care providers, social policy-makers, and the general public to end negative stereotyping of children, couples, and families with a disabled mother and wife."

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    Thanks Betheny for posting this.

    I often wonder if my children 'miss out' not having an AB mom.
    This study made me feel a lot better!

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    I'll have to read that when I get the chance!!

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    I wonder if they've studied fathers? We have worried at times that if we tried to get joint custody of my husband's son from his previous marriage, we would be denied based on his SCI. We aren't trying to get custody anyway, because now he's in a different school district and it would be too hard for him. But it does make me wonder...

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