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Thread: StarCushion vs Roho

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    StarCushion vs Roho

    Any body have experience with Star cushions AND Roho cushions? I've used rohos since 1979. I'm interested in the StarLock 4" compared to a Roho Quadtro hp.

    "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" allows you to isolate individual air cells, and customize with “no contact” areas without the added expense of an actual custom cushion.

    "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" provides added protection in those cases of accidental cell damage. When locked, only air from damaged cell(s) lose air, not the entire cushion or compartment.
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    Interresting.. first time I've heard of Starlock. Looking at their basic cushion it appears to be the same as a ROHO.
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    I like the StarLock idea.
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    I demoed one about a year ago, didn't really like it, seemed to lose air faster then a roho and I didn't find it as stable/comfortable as a Roho. Ended up with stimulite slimline.

    I don't do well on air cushions at the best of times, they have to be a little over inflated for me to feel comfortable on them. They are also a pain in the ass pardon the pun to maintain.

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    Anyone else tried this cushion, they seem to still be about but can't see many who have tried it?

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    I have used rohos of the one sided/valve and two sided/valve, also a single valve Star. They are equal in construction and quality. I only used the single valve/side of either because it was all I could find at the times. I prefer two valve/side approach as I have butt bone issues to necessitate height difference to level my hips. Getting a new chair and cushion soon and am going for the 4 compartment roho this time. I see no difference in the quality between the two companies. Whichever is cheaper at the time would be the way I chose if it was out of pocket. I get most of mine from ebay used as I tend to tear them with rough use but it is the only thing I trust without having to lifts, check my butt every day. I would avoid long tubes or extensions that would get caught easily during use or torn by hand when transferring.

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