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Thread: Is My Family In Denial Over My MS Diagnosis?

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    Is My Family In Denial Over My MS Diagnosis?

    I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with family members either staying away or ignoring them in general, ever since they were diagnosed with MS? I just want them to act like they did before I was diagnosed with it. Nothing more, nothing less. This is all so new to me.

    Vikki McBride

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    Vikki, this is so common...I hate to tell you. Usually the person with MS is so much further on the road to dealing with their diagnosis because they have been directly dealing with the symptoms for so long (unlike family, for whom it is indirect). Many family members also know little about MS, and only have the extreme media-publicized cases to understand the course of the disease. They need more information. I would suggest your family go to a physician's appointment with you as well, so they can get their questions answered by your physician.

    I would really recommend contacting the local chapter of the NMSS to see if they have both support groups for you and for your family. This has helped my family members enormously.

    There are also some good booklets for family members available from the NMSS. Check these out:

    Family and social life with MS

    You can use their search feature and the word "family" and get a lot of other information as well.


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    My parents, now 83 and 78 are still in denial over my SCI after 35 years. They did that from the beginning.

    They pretend it never happened and if I tried to speak about it, my mother told me it was bullshit. So I never talk about it.

    But it would have been nice with a little help sometimes, especially because I am a single mother of three.

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