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Thread: ESC versus Adult Stem Cells

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    ESC versus Adult Stem Cells

    hi everyone,

    we are once again putting together a 5k for research4cure this june. while searching for sponsors i came across a business owner who said he doesn't support e.s.c. research but does support adult stem cell research. his reasons were that he was a christian, that esc kills a life and that adult stems cells are better for research than esc. in his words esc are all hype. what info/articles could i give him to show that esc are important for research and that his views aren't correct? any help would be appreciated,thanks...jay
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    If this is a serious post, then point out that embryonic stem cell research
    has been conflated with abortion and fetal stem cell research. Fetal stem
    cells are derived from aborted fetuses, not embryos. The embryos from
    which the stem cells are derived are less than a week old. They're a ball
    of microscopic cells at that point and are harvested in an IVF clinic, not
    taken from a woman's body.

    Hundreds of thousands of unused embryos are thrown away every year
    by IVF clinics. Either that, or they're kept frozen. You can't keep a being

    If this person truly wants to help babies, then provide some information
    on Dr. Hans Keirstead's SMA research. Dr. Keirstead is using esc's to find
    a treatment for infants born with spinal muscular atrophy. His research
    can be applied to chronic sci as well. SOURCE

    The science won't go anywhere if people don't learn to think for themselves
    and educate themselves about the research.

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    I posted this in another thread. Maybe you already saw it, but this is a
    picture of a blastocyst. This is where the embryonic stem cells come from.

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    - I think it's worth mentioning that this blastocyst can not become a baby, - unless inserted into a female.
    And get used to say 'Blastocyst' instead of 'Embryonic stem cell'
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    JayHarn3- You really hit a nerve with me.

    1) Every now and then when I talk of future treatments for SCI the school nurse will mention that the stem cells come from partial birth abortions. I have been re-educating her. I could really freak her out by saying I would consider having my own partial birth abortion if it would 100% cure my daughter's SCI.
    2) Pro-lifers were picketing the children's hospital my daughter did her rehab at. Signs included graphic pictures. Nice for the parents of terminal children in the hospital to have to see everyday. Nice for my daughter to have to navigate through when she got our of the hospital for some sunshine for the first time in days. Nice of them to spend time picketing and not visiting the kids in the hospital that have no visitors or parents that spend anytime with them. Heartbreaking.

    Seems most pro-life folk are unreasonably stubborn and don't want to hear any facts. I would give this business owner the facts anyway and politely leave.

    Blastocyst - IVF
    They don't want to hear that these are the cells in question because so many pro-life folks use these services.

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    And you Domosoyo hit a heartbreaking nerve with me. I really for all I try can’t understand why some claiming to help others does it in such ways, I really can’t, very sad.

    Jay. How great of you. But as for Christians; for example, over here a couple of years ago there was a vote in a government hearing among our eleven bishops to vote in favour or against our new biotechnology law, which would include to allow human embryonic stem cell research from blastocysts, from IVF, -nine of them voted for. I guess they were bad Christians… according to the business owner you talked to.

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    Domo, remember, so called pro lifers, think nothing of taking lives of those who have no insurance. If you look at the spokesmen for the socalled pro lifers, it tells it all, brothers and sisters; telllll it alllll.

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    A short while ago I went on Yahoo News. Apparently now, the Vatican is funding adult stem cell research. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the link.

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    lepups3, and this is a good thing.

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    JayHarn3 I would go here and read up.

    Then you can highlight this part. It's only because of ignorance that people are against this type of research.
    Embryonic stem cells have the potential to grow indefinitely in a laboratory environment and can differentiate into almost all types of bodily tissue. This makes embryonic stem cells a prospect for cellular therapies to treat a wide range of diseases.[18]
    [edit]Human potential and humanity
    This argument often goes hand-in-hand with the utilitarian argument, and can be presented in several forms:
    Embryos are not equivalent to human life while they are still incapable of surviving outside the womb (i.e. they only have the potential for life).
    More than a third of zygotes do not implant after conception.[19][20] Thus, far more embryos are lost due to chance than are proposed to be used for embryonic stem cell research or treatments.
    Blastocysts are a cluster of human cells that have not differentiated into distinct organ tissue; making cells of the inner cell mass no more "human" than a skin cell.[18]
    Some parties contend that embryos are not humans, believing that the life of Homo sapiens only begins when the heartbeat develops, which is during the 5th week of pregnancy,[21] or when the brain begins developing activity, which has been detected at 54 days after conception.[22]
    In vitro fertilization (IVF) generates large numbers of unused embryos (e.g. 70,000 in Australia alone).[18] Many of these thousands of IVF embryos are slated for destruction. Using them for scientific research utilizes a resource that would otherwise be wasted.[18]
    While the destruction of human embryos is required to establish a stem cell line, no new embryos have to be destroyed to work with existing stem cell lines. It would be wasteful not to continue to make use of these cell lines as a resource.[18]
    Abortions are legal in many countries and jurisdictions. The argument then follows that if these embryos are being destroyed anyway, why not use them for stem cell research or treatments?
    This is usually presented as a counter-argument to using adult stem cells as an alternative that doesn't involve embryonic destruction.
    Embryonic stem cells make up a significant proportion of a developing embryo, while adult stem cells exist as minor populations within a mature individual (e.g. in every 1,000 cells of the bone marrow, only 1 will be a usable stem cell). Thus, embryonic stem cells are likely to be easier to isolate and grow ex vivo than adult stem cells.[18]
    Embryonic stem cells divide more rapidly than adult stem cells, potentially making it easier to generate large numbers of cells for therapeutic means. In contrast, adult stem cell might not divide fast enough to offer immediate treatment.[18]
    Embryonic stem cells have greater plasticity, potentially allowing them to treat a wider range of diseases.[18]
    Adult stem cells from the patient's own body might not be effective in treatment of genetic disorders. Allogeneic embryonic stem cell transplantation (i.e. from a healthy donor) may be more practical in these cases than gene therapy of a patient's own cell.[18]
    DNA abnormalities found in adult stem cells that are caused by toxins and sunlight may make them poorly suited for treatment.[18]
    Embryonic stem cells have been shown to be effective in treating heart damage in mice.[18]
    Embryonic stem cells have the potential to cure chronic and degenerative diseases which current medicine has been unable to effectively treat.
    Before the primitive streak is formed when the embryo attaches to the uterus at approximately 14 days after fertilization, a single fertilized egg can split in two to form identical twins, or a pair of embryos that would have resulted in fraternal twins can fuse together and develop into one person (a tetragametic chimera). Since a fertilized egg has the potential to be two individuals or half of one, some believe it can only be considered a potential person, not an actual one. Those who subscribe to this belief then hold that destroying a blastocyst for embryonic stem cells is ethical.[23]

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