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Thread: Faulty Right Runs

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    Faulty Right Runs

    Incredible but true.
    Some time ago I ordered a pair of Right Runs and they was faulty because the tire get expand, I sent a pic to my dealer and he told me that don`t worry,he said me to use them until they break and he will give me a new ones, i was lucky today because they explode in home.
    I usually inflate my tires around 110 psi, so it`s not a problem for too much pressure.
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    Dang TT, I hope this is going to be a problem with the Rightruns. They seem to be my favorite tire so far.

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    Mine did that the first day I used them at work (two days after I installed them). I was in a team conference and noticed a significant bulge had developed. Fearing that a loud bang would soon follow, I excused myself from the meeting, went back to the clinic, deflated the tire, checked that the tube and tire were both seated properly, and re-inflated them. I was worried for the next few days, but they have been fine ever since. I run them near the 145 psi max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    They seem to be my favorite tire so far.
    They are my favorites too, but i`m not going to buy them in any colour again, only in grey because i suppose they are the best sellers and will be less time in stock.
    My first Right Runs was grey and they was perfect all their lifetime, but my seconds was yellows, and i didn`t have any problem with them, but their sides start cracking, although it wasn`t a problem because i had to change the tire for wear.
    And now with this red ones they explode in around only 3 monthes, so i will tell to my dealer to replace them for grey, they are the best tires for ride with them, but if i`ve got another problem with them i will begin to look for another brand of smooth tires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobran View Post
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    I suppose you are a Schwalbe guy, only i want to say that do better quality controls to your tires and withdrawn from sale expired tires.

    There wasn`t any problem because i was sitting at the computer when the tire explode,just yesterday I had a little pain in my right kidney area, which was the way near where the tire explode, I suppose because of the shock wave, but i`m ok now.
    But what will be happened if they explode going downhill?

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    haha - no toto I think that was a spammer!

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    I`m using now my Spinergys with Marathon that i have saved for when i get my new chair, i don`t like Marathons because they have to much rubber for the puncture protection and that make the tire don`t roll as well as Right Runs, my rides was much better with Right Runs, with the Marathons is like if i had a Right Run a bit deflated, so i will put this Marathon in my Quickie wheels and go for grey Right Runs for the Spinergys for my new chair.

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    My dealer is going to give me a new pair of Right Run free, but i wrote directly to the factory Schwalbe in Germany to tell the problem i had with their tires, and here i stick their answer

    Dear Mr. Morcillo,

    Thanks for your email. We are very sorry that you faced problems due to our products. Please find some questions due to the tires below.

    1. Which RightRun tire size and colour execution you use and are they still available?
    2. Are both tires affected?
    2. Was/were the/these tire/tires demounted and mounted again after a flat, before it/they "explode"?
    3. Did it/they jump of the rim or did it's/their carcass burst?
    4. Under which inflation pressure you use your tires?
    5. Which kind of rims you use on your wheelchair?

    Kindly let us have your address for a replacement of the/these tire/tires.

    Best regards

    Marcus Lambertz
    Product Management

    SCHWALBE - Ralf Bohle GmbH
    Otto-Hahn-Straße 1
    51580 Reichshof

    Amtsgericht - registered at court:
    Siegburg HRB 8044
    Geschäftsführer - managing directors:
    Frank Bohle, Andreas Grothe, Holger Jahn

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    Very professionals this guys of Schwalbe, specially my Spanish dealer.
    Just arrived my new pair of Right Runs free.

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