Mary, I have started doing that with the boys. I got tired of being the bad guy all the time when money is too tight to buy them the toys they want. So I explained to them about their dad not paying child support. They understood better than I thought they would. So well, in fact, that they asked to call their dad to ask him to pay child support. I let them. Surprisingly, their pleas reached their dad on some level and last month he made his very first child support payment in three years. I told the boys when I got it, took them to the store and allowed them to buy a few toys. Then I let the boys call him and tell them about the toys they got. Hopefully that will encourage their dad to keep paying.

On the other hand, the boys are realizing that "Daddy" has responsibility for them also. I don't let them see how angry I am at him. I share the facts, that's it. They will be 5 years old this year and are old enough to understand the simple facts. They have asked why he doesn't work, why he doesn't have a car, doesn't have money, etc. I try to explain in ways they can understand. Since their dad hasn't been around for more than half their life, they don't realize what all he SHOULD be doing, but they are starting to question some things. I'm sure once they start school and are around kids whose fathers are there, they will have even more questions. I will answer as best I can, and if they want to ask their dad, I will let them call and ask. He hasn't had to answer any of those questions yet, but I'm sure that when he does, he's going to end up with a totally different opinion of himself than he does now. Like I said before, I don't say anything bad to the kids about their dad. They will learn soon enough on their own. Hopefully, at the same time it will make them realize that their mother loves them more than anything in the world!!

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