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Thread: "Rock star" embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI

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    "Rock star" embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI

    "Rock star" embryonic researcher protests his photo in pro-life display at UCI

    April 22, 2010

    There was an interesting flare-up. UCI is educational home to Dr. Hans Keirstead, co-director of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center. According to Wikipedia, Keirstead is spearheading the first FDA approved human trial of injecting embryonic stem cells into spinal-cord patients.

    So Keirstead is all about human embryo experimentation, which is also his claim to fame.

    Keirstead was very upset that the sign on which his picture appeared also depicted aborted babies of all ages along a developmental continuum. He said he worked only with "blastocysts" and not fetuses. I told him I was a lawyer and invited him to sue me. We said that ages of his victims were irrelevant to his culpability for killing them. I am certain that he supports abortion rights without trimester limits, which makes all the more dishonest the fact that he sought refuge in his claim to be involved in the killing of only very young babies. He said we don't use fetal tissue and I responded, "Whether that is true or not, there are many researchers who do."

    I hammered Keirstead for an article in the Orange County Register which quoted him as telling the father of a famous motorcycle racer who had been paralyzed in a racing accident that he could cure him in five to seven years [click to enlarge]...

    I accused him of fraud in making such an outrageous claim to manipulate a desperate victim who later gave him a $200,000 research grant. He said, "You say I said that, but that isn't what I told Ricky James." I said, "I didn't say that is what you said. I said that is what the newspaper quoted you as saying." He said, "They printed a retraction." I said, "Show it to me." Then he hedged and said, "Well, you should talk to Ricky James to learn what was actually said." I said you have the burden to disprove the accuracy of the newspaper quote, I do not have the burden to prove it. He changed the subject. I didn't take him into the esoteric law of defamation (he is a public figure and arguably a public official substantially raising his barriers to a successful suit) as he kept trying to take me into the esoteric process of stem cell research.

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    Relax, it's just an Evangelical nut-case blog. But where is DA's outrage?

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    I wonder if there are there any "Evangelical nutcases" who also have SCI? That would be interesting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    I wonder if there are there any "Evangelical nutcases" who also have SCI? That would be interesting!
    There are a few, not so sure it would be so interesting hear abouth though.

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    Poor Dr Kierstead, supposed to take the time to disprove a negative, how frustrating. And this yahoo making assumptions about his belief in late abortions? Also, Dr. K is responsible for all other researcher's tissue choices as well.

    Side note: This world needs more pics of Dr K. If I was 12 I'd hang them on my bedroom wall!

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    Unfortunately, this is becoming a trend. The conservatives who are against global warming and embryonic stem cell research are targeting scientists. They did that to climatologists who had never faced a hostile press before and now they are selecting young scientists doing stem cell research.

    I have had much experience with having my picture on posters by protesters of animal research, often next to a picture of some poor monkey spread-eagled on a lab bench. You are only harming yourself when you protest that you don't do that kind of research, particularly to someone who is out of get you. They don't want to vindicate you. They want to crucify you. You can't say that you didn't do what they accused you of because they will use what you say to condemn you further.

    In my opinion, there is only one way to handle this situation. This method was used by NYU Medical Center in the 1980's and 1990's when we were picketed every year by members of trans-species and other animal liberation movement groups and accused of torturing and killing animals. We stood up and said that we are proud of what we do. We asked families and friends who had benefited from research to come with their babies and loved ones to come and be by our side. We invited the public and media to come and see our research facilities.


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    This is the picture that should be hanging up.

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    Evangelicals prefer pictures of bloody babies, bloody Jesus', etc.. What's wrong
    with those people?

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