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Thread: I tend to lose more underwear this way...

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    I tend to lose more underwear this way...

    Wheel chair dressing in the A.M.--underwear and pants. Starting with my fancy Tommy "drawls," I put my left leg in, and then the right. I pull them up my legs and stop at the thighs. I repeat said procedure with the pants. I wriggle them drawls further up my thighs and then do a quick depression to get them under my bum. Then I wriggle side to side until they are almost on. I lean forward to engage in the final "reach-from-behind-and-tug" technique only to hear a loud "RRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP!!!!" Now the waistband of these nice Tommy drawls is now detached and I am sitting with my pants halfway up my thighs.

    What to do? What to do?

    Now, mama always said make sure to wear your good underwear when going out because you never know when you will be in an accident (though I was wearing biker shorts with NO drawls when I won the SCI lottery). I think I will have to disobey mama today and continue on. Besides, I think any potential rescuers would be taken a back moreso by the bag of pee strapped to my leg as opposed to ripped Tommy drawls.

    That being I go!

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    Commando all the way! One less thing to worry about!
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    When I was in rehab in 80 they told us not to where undrwear because of the elastic and extra folds in the colth that could cause problems, so i have always gone commando.
    Also they are hard to find but i always try to find pants that have patch pockets so all I have to do is take a razor or sissors and cut the back pockets off without leaving any seam or folds in the butt of my pants .
    When I do find them i get a few pair because they are hard to find with the sewn on rear pockets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfeMan View Post
    Commando all the way! One less thing to worry about!
    x2. i cant imagine wearing uderwear in a chair, ugghhh. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Here's one more vote for going without. It's way too easy for the elastic in the leg bands to cause welts or open sores -- especially if you're still able to perspire.

    BTW, your description brought back to mind the reason why years ago in my AB days, I gave up pantyhose for thigh highs and tights -- I'd invariably put my thumb through them just as I did the last little tug up to position the waistband. Frustrating and expensive.
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    I can remember my first day in rehab at Shepherd in Atlanta.

    The senior nurse, Brenda, went up to my father, leaned in close to him, looked at me, and whispered to him "we don't wear underwear here...."

    The look on my fathers face was priceless.

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    No underware? I can't even entertain the idea, nor did my rehab teach it. Guess I have just always wore them and can't think of going without. Just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skogy View Post
    No underware? I can't even entertain the idea, nor did my rehab teach it. Guess I have just always wore them and can't think of going without. Just me.
    Me either. It may be more work to wear undies, but at least I can get a couple of days wearing slacks before they need to be washed. If I didn't wear undies they would have to go into the machine each time I wore them.

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    Dave's Mom was horrified at the no underwear suggestion at rehab. My Mom forgot and got him underwear for X-mas.

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    Appears most posters do not suffer from incontinence, as I do, hence Depends.

    The VA does not allow underwear, so i Go commando, and soppy during my stays there.

    Dry, but lumpy,

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