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Thread: Urgent: Quad taking GRE & Poor hand control (C5/C7)

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    Yeah, alright. Thanks . So 4 the essay, did you slowly type a latter at a time or have a scribe?

    Just to let everyone know, I am aware of the procedure of handling registering/doc letter/ etc. I want to know the details though, how you studied/practiced problems/etc., and how you worked around the injury.

    Thank u.

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    I type w/ one finger & thus more slowly, so I received extra time.

    However, this all depends on YOUR needs, not what others need(ed).

    Also... if you're in a habit of typing like people send text messages, break it now. (i.e. 4 = for; u = you; etc.)

    All I did to study was read through the Princeton Review GRE book & scratch down notes throughout its pages. I threw it away once the test was over.

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    Same question, now that the test has been updated

    Have any other quads taken the test since the writing section was added?

    Has anyone taken the paper test with a scribe?

    I have been approved for accommodations, but I am told that I will only be able to use the computer for the writing portion, and then I will be able to use Dragon.

    For the rest of the sections, I will need to take the paper-based test and will have a scribe. I've never taken a test this way, so I'm wondering what it will be like to do math problems with a scribe.

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    My son is a c4-c5 Asia A and he has used a scribe from high schoolup through his undergradate years. He has tsked thr SATs All of his math courses in college and has tsken the LSAT twice. He says it is the luck of the draw with the LSAT's. The first scribe was an old lady who was slow and he scored below what he has been shooting for the second scribe was a grad student and he did great. from what he knows from others disabled peers at the Univ. of Illinois ( btw a great school for the disabled ) that like most of things in the world some people are good at spatial thinking and find it easier to verbalize to tell the scribe how to det up equations and some have a probelem.

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