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Thread: hysteroscopy

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    lol at my poor reading skillz!!! i am for the choice, you cannot decide if someone says "no you aren't allowed to make a choice" and the whole "you will fall in love with a man and will want to have his babies" = dumb. i know our dna says procreate but there is an override. did the fall in love thing, didnt have any urge to be a rolling incubator. no thanks.

    i wish many ppl waited til they got their lives together before having kids, but alas it doesn't happen

    sry, never had an hysteroscopy. i hope it goes well.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Good luck! I am pro choice when it comes to our bodies. I too would like to stop the monthly visitor for both the mess and the AD I get during and after my period.

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