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Thread: medicare, i don't get it

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    so...i know medicare will be prime, effective 1 july, for me. my son will still get full medical/dental under COBRA for july, then nothing.
    Apply for SCHIP for your son. Many folks on disability/Medicare find their families left without insurance--it is the main reason I still work.

    If he does not qualify for SCHIP, you may be able to purchase an individual policy for him.
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    another question: medicare A and B card is good for. don't i need part D?
    Part D, the prescription drug plan, is purchased and paid for separately, and you'll get a separate card.

    If you take expensive or a lot of meds, the Part D coverage is a god send, even with the damn donut hole (a gap between basic and catastrophic coverage in which you pay all costs out of pocket until your total OOP expenses reach ~$4600). For $28/month, my plan (AARP Saver) paid for over $13k out of $18k worth of prescription meds.

    Plan D choices vary by area, although the three AARP Rx plans are available to everyone on Medicare, regardless of their age. The web site has a tool that helps you compare plans in your area. Enter all your meds, and it generates a comparison of which plans cover what (there is a basic formulary, but many plans go well beyond it), premium costs and deductibles, etc. In addition, most pharmacists can also help you select a plan that best covers your meds.

    It can be rather overwhelming, but hang in there, it does get a little easier to keep it all straight.

    Hope the helps, cass!
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    Cass, I get my medicare part D from AARP, and it is great. I have a seven dollar co-pay for most generics and the places you can get your scripts filled, including through the mail, is endless.

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    ok, thx. i think the prescriptions will probably be covered under Boeing's supplemental health ins. but am unsure. until may 1 (when i can apply for disability retirement), i can't seem to get a straight answer out of any of them.

    i was surprised to get a medicare card in the mail (over a month ago) this far in advance of coverage start date.

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