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Thread: My baby is walking

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    My baby is walking

    Violet took her first real steps today! She's been cruising for ages but today she grabbed a toy off the shelf turned and walked about 3-4 steps to me! I'm so proud of her!

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    Thats great news, Emi. Soon she will be running really really fast. Keep those batteries charged. Your going to need extra juice once she starts a runnin.

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    Wow, they grow up so fast. It seems like you just gave birth! She will be an extra challenge for you now...don't hesitate to get a kiddy leash for when you are out of your home. You don't want her running into traffic, etc.


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    Oh Emi, this is such a precious thing to be a part of. I still remember when my two daughters started to walk, and I can see them precisely in my mind, where and when they started. It is sooo adorable to watch.

    Now I have also been fortunate enough to watch two of my grandsons learn to walk. The youngest one started to walk near his first birthday and we were not able to see it, because we were away in Ontario with Karen for 3 months when she was injured. When Karen was able to come home after getting out of Rehab, it was poignant to see him walking, when Karen was also trying to learn to walk again.

    Enjoy it Emi. The 'real' fun is just beginning!

    PS - and post pics!

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    I understand that you are proud. The most nice moment.

    When you take her out alone, put name, adress and phonenumber around her arm. They are easy to loose when they start running

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    You GO Olive!

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    got a recent picture?

    The kiddy leash, oh my, I remember trying that! My kid thought it was hilarious to stretch it and wrap himself around things and people~

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    I agree with kld, get a leash, man I bet that is cute

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