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Thread: Happy 4 - 20

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    Happy 4 - 20

    Just wanted to wish all those old hippies and young ones as well a happy 4 - 20 today. The only negative part of this day is that it marks my 8th year as a member of the SCI community. God, would I ever love to sit on the deck this evening with a big fat one containing some prime BC bud and get lost in the purple haze as the sunsets over the big lake.

    On another note, I want to take this time to thank a very special lady who made this day seven years ago bearable and to thank all of you here at CC for your help, support, and friendship


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    This old semi-hippie wishes you a lot of beautiful sunsets in the years to come. I am sure your hunting buddy puts a lot of sunshine in your life. That is a great photo album you put together.
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    Happy 4-20 back to you.
    Hope you had as gorgeous of a day in your area like we finally did here yesterday.We ( our friends) got the dock and the lift in over the week-end.

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    Happy 4-20 to all!
    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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    Hey Nevada, thinking of you today. I forgot we are close in injury date only a year apart. Take care, and hope all is well with you.

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    And would you believe I have a family member born today and his name is Stone He was named before his birth and without knowledge of the date. Happy 4-20 to all, and a big Happy Birthday to you Stone!

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    A bittersweet 4-20 today in Vancouver as it will be Marc Emery's last before America's drug police throw him in jail for selling seeds. Another dangerous criminal taken off the streets.

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    Happy 420 everyone... Everyone has to check out the southpark episode called medicinal fried chicken. Hilarious... Roll up your favorite strain and enjoy...

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    Happy 4-20 Nevada!

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