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Thread: Infection rates, intermittent cath vs. suprapubic?

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    Infection rates, intermittent cath vs. suprapubic?

    Are there any documented stats of one vs. the other? Also wondering about other tradeoffs, like rates of bladder cancer or kidney failure. I'm not really considering a SP now but maybe in the future, and I'm just curious about the facts.

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    We do not advise and indwelling tube(includingSP tubes) for those who can cath. Intermittent cath is supposed to be less infections & you can have problems with an indwelling tube- small increase inpercentage of bladder cancer and it can leak around it so we don't advise changing from IC to SPtube.


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    That is understandable, but I'm curious about the actual numbers behind the advice, if someone wanted to make a fully informed decision about it.

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    Lazlo, I asked similar questions shortly after coming to CC. When I get a chance, I'll dig through my old threads/posts and see if I can find it.

    As I recall, Dr. Young posted in the thread with a list of studies about those numbers (increased risk of infection, bladder cancer, etc.)

    CWO, I know you (meaning medical professionals) push everyone who can IC to do so, even if they need a bladder augmentation and mitro to make it happen.

    But bladder management has to also fit with lifestyle needs, client comfort level with the technique, etc., so long as the individual in question understands the risks that go with an indwelling and are willing to assume them, shouldn't switching from IC to indwelling be their choice?
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    Dave has had his SP since Jan 09. He has only had one UTI-knock on wood.
    In his situation it was the best option.
    Bladder cancer? Something else to worry about........

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    Thanks hipcrip, I'm just curious at this point, I'm not really considering it. But if you could find those original resources I would be interested.

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