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Thread: My family are pains!!

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    My family are pains!!

    When I lived with my mom in Mississippi post-injury and I thought things might be a little bit different. My family wasn't that great to begin with but they sure showed their true colors! First my mother and stepfather are truckers; I thought my mom would at least stay home with me. Well she didn't and she decided to leave me with my older sister. The problem with that is she (my sister) loved to smack me around (Not fun!). When my mother was home they felt it only necessary for me to be cathed maybe every 10-12 hours a day. Ya'll know how painful that can be! We'll when my sister ended up having a baby my mother moved my grandmother in from Texas to take care of me! My life went from bad to WORSE!! She had something wrong with her and would fly off the handles over any little thing. I remember once she was using my chair as a foot rest, I asked her as nice as possible to move them... Oh damn, you would have thought I asked her to move the heavens and earth. (I dislike people using my chair as a foot prop, I don't think I was put here as a stool! Do you?) She dropped me twice in the same morning off of my hospital bed, and screamed at me to shut up when I began to cry from the pain in my shoulder. (When I rolled off the bed my right arm got hung on the bed. OUCH!) My mother was called as soon as my sister came to the house later that night. She came home the next day. I begged her to stay but she did not. My grandmother began to take my pain pills. I would get 60 Ultrams a month and when she was there they were gone by the 15th. (When you ride a country school bus down very bumpy dirt roads 5 days a week you get so sore and the Ultrams were only pain relief I could get!) The only relief I was getting from my life was school. I was the one who failed and would fake being sick just to ditch school. After my accident I loved school and started making decent grades. I dreaded going home, I dreaded waking up. I hated weekends! I had only a hand full of people who made my life easier. My best friend April N. Stevens, Barry Nicholson (sisters ex), next door neighbors Donnie Nina Meagan Morgan and Mariah. In 1999 I moved in with my Dad who greatly improved my life. He did things for me because he wanted to not because he had too. I am so happy that there's no more abuse in my. I am surrounded by love. Being a quad has made me a better person, I know this now. Thank you all for listing to my rants! If I can help you out of an abusive situation I will! Just email me:
    Tell me about your families! (The good, bad, and ugly!)

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    I am so sorry you had to endure so much. I am glad you found this place, it seems that most people here are sincere and very compassionate. I'm glad you hooked up with your dad as well~~we all need all the support and help we can get ab or otherwise.

    "We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seated refusal of that which others have made of us."~~Sartre

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