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Thread: Larry King Live Blog with Michael J. Fox

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    Larry King Live Blog with Michael J. Fox

    Interesting answer from Michael J. Fox.

    Larry King asks, " If readers could take away just one thing from your new book, what do you most hope that would be?"

    Michael J. Fox answers, "Well, it’s that education is great but that if you think it’s going to be the blueprint for you life to follow for a desired or expected outcome, then you’re wrong. Life is really what happens when stuff goes wrong. And you find yourself able to rise to the occasion and learn from new opportunities that come out of losses. It’s just – hang on and enjoy."

    Very profound answer Michael J. Fox gives Larry and his readers to learn from.

    The five questions can be read at:

    Credit:, April 15, 2010, LKl blog exclusive: Five questions for Michael J. Fox.

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    I saw him on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show this past week.

    I'm sorry to see that he has deteriorated to the point where it's going to be difficult to understand him speak soon.

    What a man of honour though to handle it all with the grace he has/does/will.
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    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    I'm sorry to see that he has deteriorated to the point where it's going to be difficult to understand him speak soon.
    I hadn't seen Michael J Fox in some time, and wasn't aware of how advanced his Parkinsons had become. It really it me hard when, like you, I realized that it may not be much longer before he's unable to speak without the help of technology.

    He's spoken quite often about how much his ability to keep acting with voice-over roles has helped him cope, so of all the changes he's been forced to go through with this disease, losing his natural voice seems like it's going to be one of the toughest.

    Ti, MJF has always been very philosophical about living with Parkinsons', including right after he was diagnosed. I already liked him as an actor and a regular guy, but like turned into deep respect and admiration when I saw the incredibly thoughtful way he dealt with his transition into MJF, person with Parkinsons'.
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