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Thread: This is just way tooo cool!

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    oh, how I miss my old 6' by 5' macrame wall hanging on my peaked living room wall. Funny, some friends saw teens running down a street w/ it. They traded something herbal for said wall hanging then gave it to me as a house warming gift in 1980. They told me of the teens theft from a restaurant a year or so later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    I wanna live in a hobbit house ever since I watched lord of the rings

    I've really always loved that natural look. I've actually been searching for things to decorate my apartment to try and get a more nature/zen look.

    Thanks for the post!

    Me too.
    My hubbi is all for building one. So i am now in the process of getting in touch with the builder and get someone here in the US to help me.
    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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