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Thread: Gross but SO funny...

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    Gross but SO funny...

    A friend of mine is a Southern Gospel Singer...and she wrote on her facebook page that the group she sings with was on a flight and the male singer discovered that the woman in front of him was flossing her teeth...

    ...with her HAIR!!!



    I emailed her back and asked if the woman used Head N Shoulders or Colgate?

    Another guy asked if the woman combed her hair with her teeth???!!! LOL!!!

    I was laughing so hard I was takes all kinds, doesn't it?

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    Atleast it wasn't her pubs.....

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    organic dental floss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79 View Post
    Atleast it wasn't her pubs.....

    OH EWWWW!!!!! LOL LOL..... Where do I return my imagination??

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